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Whether you are just thinking about engaging in therapy, or ready to begin the process, I am happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns. Beginning therapy can be a difficult step to take, and yet, it can lead to positive change in both your individual and relational life.

We all face struggle in our lives; it is important to know we are not alone. Therapy provides a place for you to explore the connections you have in life, as well as learn new ways to develop your skills to connect with others. Additionally, therapy is a safe place to look into the challenges you are facing, and consider new options for addressing these challenges. Connection, growth, and peace- these are the fundamental tenants of my therapy practice and perspective.


We are wired for connection, and yet sometimes we still need to develop new skills to support enduring and sustainable connection with others, as well as ourselves.


We are always growing and evolving, and at times we need support and guidance to develop along a growth curve that supports the outcomes we are hoping for.


Peace, in the way I approach it in therapy, is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to tolerate the ups and downs that are a part of all of our lives and experience.

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