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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, so even when I am working with individuals, I approach therapy from a relational perspective. What does this mean? I fundamentally believe that we are shaped by our families, and continue to be shaped by our life experiences and our current contexts.

When I work with people in therapy, I intend to be mindful of these contexts, and help folks to understand which parts of their story are helpful in their day to day life, and which parts they could let go of to move into a more peaceful, and fulfilling life/relationship.

I am a collaborative therapist, and strive to meet my clients where they are each time that they walk through the door. My therapeutic style is active and engaged, and I respect each person's individual experience without making assumptions about what your history means to you.

Why me?

I am respectful, yet challenging; compassionate, yet direct. I am deeply interested in the stories people tell about their lives, and am committed to supporting stories that promote healing.

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